Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flip's Guitar Damage Proof Belt (full scale... I know, I know...)

Fl!p Breskin, one of the founders of the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, has one of the best belts ever for guitar players.  One of the more common ways to damage the finish on a guitar is via the belt buckle.   Thruout the 60's and 70's wearing the belt so it buckled on the side away from the guitar came into vogue among some players, and some still wear it that way today.  

This solves that problem, as well as having to punch new holes when girth expands or contracts.  No more almost tight or a hair too tight.  It probably comes from some ancient version of harnesses.  I will let the photos tell the story.  I know I am going to make one for myself.

As it appears in place.

And there you have it.   I know it is not a miniature, but is worth the making anyhow.