Monday, March 14, 2016

1/12 Scale Child's Roll Top Desk

I got distracted from the Dorsett desk when I discovered this desk at a friend's house.

Simple one drawer desk with rolltop and minimal cubby holes.

Plain inset back panels without rails or stiles.   Only the side panels are frame and panel construction.

So away I went....

Still need to cut the decorative front corbels, roll top handles and turn some wooden knobs for the drawer like he says were on it originally.

15 Mar update -

Tambour guide blocks added inside, and tambour ends routed.

Corbels cut and attached, tambour handles profiled and cut, drawer pulls turned.  Looks ready for final assembly and ffinish.

Panel mounting screw holes (simulated)

17 Mar update - 

All components glued into place.

1st coat of boiled linseed oil applied.

10 April update - -

I got distracted again by seeing a need to clear out my shop shelves so I would have room for power tool and wood storage.  Halfway through that process, but after I had accomplished enough that I had a clear work table I got redistracted by a need for a chair for this desk.  

I slapped togetherr a mockup for test.

It is sized for an 8 to 10 year old child as is the desk.   Now to learn how to make a chair.  First step was to cut out a pair of back legs and chair back.  Double sticky tape helped with identical pieces although the shop gremlin managed to disappear one of them later on, resulting in a redo.

Basic parts gathered.

Assembly begins.

The front legs are just dry fit for the next shots.  I will put stretchers in before I glue them to the seat, and insert the side and rear stretchers after that.

This may turn out to have been a practice chair as there have been lessons learned that would make another even better.  Then again, this is a vintage child's chair...

Part 2 -

I cut and added the stretchers, added a filler piece to the back of the seat and glued it all together.

Then after sanding to 2000, rounding corners, adding foot wear to front stretcher it got a generous coat of boiled linseed oil.

It will sit a week or so after I wipe it down tomorrow, then get a coat of wax.

Now, what was it I was in the middle of when I got distracted?

Stay tuned -