Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dovetail Jig

Yesterday I received a dovetail jig constructed by June Simpson in a Jack Blackham class.  I found a writeup of the "Scale of Twelve" Dovetailer in the November 1980 issue of Nutshell News and the two jigs are similar enough that the instructions for use fit mine perfectly.  That led to fooling around with it.

I have a box together with oak sides, spruce ply bottom and mahogany top.  I will add photos as it progresses further.

Legos are marvelous squares for miniature building!

Mahogany top, oak sides, spruce ply bottom.  Boiled linseed oil finish.

This tool is deceptively easy to use and will be both the inspiration for and facilitator of any number of future projects!!!

As I explain to Pepper in comments, here are the pix of the machine in action, and the resulting pins and sockets.

The spinning bit is stationary, and you move (slide) the dovetailer device into the spinning shaft with the shaft in the comb (the bronze part with the teeth).  The shaft follows the rounded outline of the teeth in the comb which results in.... 

Nice rounded pins which will fit perfectly into...

The nice rounded sockets.  Notice the wood remaining at the bottom of the sockets.

And here is that same piece face on with the sockets completely hidden.

You can knock out a drawer faster than you can cut the pieces to size once you get the depth adjustment of the bit done.  As fast as you can remove finished pieces and clamp new ones in.