Thursday, June 5, 2014

1/12 Scale Hassock for the Morris Chair

I decided that the Morris chair needed a hassock for full reclining comfort should Stuart Little drop by.  A hard days work with the tools and workbench building his furniture is sure to wear a mouse out.

The frame is 4 shallow pyramided top posts and side stretchers and rails.  I made the stretchers and rails narrower than the ones on the chair and that decision may come back to haunt me when it comes to mounting the cushion support slats.  

Here the post mortises are routed and the side rails are gluing.  Once they are set I will assemle the frame with the stretchers after which the cushion supports get mounted, or the whole thing is scrapped and redone with wider stretchers and rails.

Ater that is done I get to sew and dye another leather cushion to match those of the chair.

Frame assembled, now to the slat support pieces for the sides, and cut some new slats.  These are fine if placed front to back, but the slats for the chair go side to side, so these are not long enough.

Slat supports cut and mounted, new longer slats cut and mounted, sanded and oiled..  It will look good with a matching cushion!

Next comes a cushion..  time to break out the treadle sewing machine!

After wasting three cushions worth of leather, I have one that looks good, so far.  I still need to hand sew the back side of it closed and dye it.

Back sewed, and dyed with 1:50 mix of dye.

Waxed to bring out the rich color and shine.

Hassock complete and ready for feet.

I think this build is at an end.

Thanks for putting up with the grainy iPad photos.


In future build anticipation I ordered a supply of Russian mica sheets.  Turns out that these are used in electronics to isolate transistors.   It looks to be light brownish and if I laminate a couple i should get the darkness and opacity I need to do an Arts and Crafts lamp shade.  I have a plan and will attempt it shortly.  Which also leads to a need for a matching side table to put the lamp on...  and maybe a matching floor lamp.  I also have discovered some sources for orange shellac mica sheet which is the most common of the mica shaded lamp materials.

It never ends does it?  This is truly madness.