Monday, September 15, 2014

1/12 Scale shelf kit for club project

The Tacoma Miniature Guild has begun a general store type roombox project.  My contribution is going to be a scale 6' x 6' x 1' set of shelves.  

The progress of the kits are as follows;


Strips cut

Shelves cut and bagged.  The syringes are going to be prefilled with glue, the points have already been ground flat.

Dadoing shelf slots in the uprights begins

Nice 1/16" dado

Dadoing in progress

Completed sides.

Dry assembly after notching shelf backs for center support strip.

Dry assembly after trimming center support strip to length.

Completed kits, bagged and ready.  I made a shallower notch on the front side of the shelves for another center support strip and am including 2 more of the strips to go on the front edges.

Two options for assembly.  The one on the right will be easier to adjust for baseboards in the room.

Initially I had planned on the flush inset strip side to be the front.  The plan now is for it to be glued to the wall of the room box with the three protruding strip side as the front.   As these are destined  to go into the store project they will not include backs.

I have since made another batch of shelves so that each member can have two sets.