Friday, October 10, 2014

Club 1/12 Scale Store Roombox Project

This will be a fairly long and comprehensive post and as such I am not going to fill your inboxes with continual update notices.

Having been gone for most of the summer I was deluged with a large number of store contents kits, the roombox kit, and some interior furniture kits.

I assembled a counter and a bench and will post pix of that later on once I decide to take them out of the white and age them.  To begin with for me though is the box itself, the floor in particular.  I thought about what I had available and decided on a strip wood walnut floor similar to the test floor I did for the Mission Style Den project.

The back edge of the floor had to be taped off since it will be a glue contact surface for the back wall, and I used a piece of aluminum channel with a spacer behind to further protect that area as well as give me a solid straight ledge to butt the first row of floor boards against.

Then began the laying of the boards, 3 rows at a time, and weighted til set.

Randomish lengths of walnut waiting for their places.

Gaps will be filled with inserts.  Finer gaps between boards will be filled after initial sanding with a mixture of fine walnut dust and boiled linseed oil as a pore filler.

Here the laying of the floor has been done, major gaps filled, ends trimmed and sanded and initial 220 grit sanding is done leaving a small amount of dust

To this dust I added an ounce or so of boiled linseed oil and started rubbing it in.   

After it was in I added another batch of walnut sanding dust and rubbed til it formed a thick slurry which I squeegeed in with a credit card.

After letting that sit for a half hour or so I rubbed it off with burlap and put it under the lights to dry.

When this is dry I will continue sanding through the various finer grits with another coat of oil when sanding with 400 grit wet and dry paper to fill any pores yet unfilled.  Once dry I will continue up through the grits to 2000 or so.  A couple coats of carnuba wax for that shine will follow and once the floor plan is complete, worn areas will be worked in.

Sanding is completed, a coat of carnuba wax with more sanding dust worked in and once dry rubbed off and buffed.  One more coat of wax at some point in the future.  Pretty shiny right now!

I stained the whitewood counter and bench with a dark walnut stain and am making some front corner posts that flare out as a shelf support for the front of the counter.  They will have a scrolled top piece.

These will both be sanded out and waxed and buffed once decoration is complete.

stay tuned