Monday, June 3, 2013

1/12 Scale Studio Microphone attempt

This is a shot of the studio microphone in progress.  I am using two mic stands in order to determine placement of the shock mount arms and mounting ring.  When complete the microphone in the middle will be free floating on elastic bands or springs.

This is an end on shot showing the clearance between the mic and the mounting ring.

Here it is mounted on a simple stand.  The microphone is supported by a cage of 1/2 " latex orthodontic bands which are actually considerably too thick for the purpose.

Another shot of the same.

Mounted on a boom arm.  The wire I am using is a bit too stiff and springy for what I need, but it is the correct size.  I will continue to search for something more compliant..

This shows a better view of the dental bands supporting the microphone. 

I may use some black nylon monofilament and respring it while it is in the proper position, then cut the bands leaving the thin black monofilament cage support/

More on this and other studio microphone attempts later.

Stay tuned.



I found some thinner black bands at K Mart and put them on.   I think it looks consideraby better now, but  I have to work on getting the band mounting arms the same length.  

Comments or suggestions are appreciated.

More as it progresses.