Monday, April 29, 2013

1/12 Scale Hammers

It is amazing the multitude of different hammers there are out there.  I have selected only a few to shrink so far.  My main problem at this scale seems to be the handle hole...  Most are oblong.  When you are working in soft metals that is not a problem, but in steel or iron it gets a little trickier.

When Stuart Little drops by to build stuff, I will just let him know that he may have to redrive the wedges to tighten things up if the heads turn.

This begins the claw hammer build.  The basic shape is carved or filed out of a piece of bar steel leaving a piece extending from the future hammer head to round off to spin in the lathe.  Here the head and the head taper have been spun shaped.  Dents from the vise will remain as reminders of when you used dad's hammer side as a small anvil and dented it doing something stupid.

Here the head has been trimmed and filed to final profile leaving the side dents, the handle is rough shaped from a piece of rosewood.

Hammer head and tools used to make it.

Semi profile pic of completed hammer head.

Claw hammer on mini bench.

Ball peen hammer beginning from bar stock steel.

Further shaping and filing.

Ball peen hammer shaped and drilled.  The shape of further ball peen hammers was more refined.

Both ball peen hammers, the smaller being shown on a temporary handle stick.  I like this profile better and will use it when I make others.

All three completed hammers.  They all show the damage caused by careless young hands in the garage when dad was not home.  The chip in the handle of the large ball peen from when it was dropped onto the concrete floor, the dents in the claw hammer head, the cut in the handle of the small ball peen where it was used as a rest to saw something.

I created two more hammers, a hand sledge and a brass hammer.  The brass hammer head is flared and chipped from hard use, and the face of the sledge is dented in places as well.