Sunday, July 6, 2014

1/12 Scale Arts & Crafts Table Lamp

So begins a new and hopefully fast project.  I am making a companion piece to the floor lamp previously made, but as it is a table lamp, it will be scaled down a bit.  Instead of the 3/32" tubing I am using 1/16" brass tubing for the uprights.  I have ordered some Surface Mount LED chips with magnet wire attached that should go through the smaller tubing just fine, and am replacing the floor lamp bulbs with the same thing.  They are 3 Volt so I should be able to run lights continuously for a long time with 2 AA batteries.

Base begins.  Two pieces are beaded and joined as previous lamp.

Upright post holes drilled.

Bottom milled out for wiring area.

Base milled to leave corner feet.

Upright posts cut and placed.

Several days and several botched shades later...

Surface Mount LED chips prewired with color coated magnet wire threaded through vertical center tube.

The table lamp is about a half inch too tall so I will have to take it back apart to shorten the main tubes.  Unfortunately they are fixed to the base which will make the shortening tedious.  

 The LED chips work very well and should keep lit on two AA for months.  Once the adjustments are made I will use museum wax to assemble and hold the shade and center tube firmly.  Then I will solder the lamp cord to the magnet wire and be done with it.

Last update...

The base bottoms are milled to fit the wiring recesses and museum waxed in after soldering the lamp cord to the LED wires.  I may have to just glue the shades into position as they move even with the museum wax holding the finials.  That is for another day though.  I will shoot a pic of the lamp bottoms later on.  As it turns out the lamps begin to dim after about a week....  will try larger brick of batteries wired for 3 volt output.

I should add that the rocking chair above is not mine.  Well it is in that I paid good money for it.  It is a William S. Clinger piece I picked up at the last Seattle Miniature Show.  I keep it around to ground me whenever I start feeling too confident about my miniatures.  I have not reached my usual lunatic, "I can do better than that." place that leads to a flurry of sawdust.  The workmanship is exquisite even if the finish is not as I would have done it.  Maybe one day......