Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1/12 Scale Manhasset Music Stand

Enjoying the room left by the delivery of the dollhouse to the museum I pondered what kind of trouble I could get into. I have been following the blogs of several miniaturists, possibly the best of whom I have found being Dmitri ( who has an uncanny ability to find objects inside of other objects. His stuff didn't quite evoke the "I can do better than that" response in me, but rather a "hope someday I can do as well" one.

Looking about at what I had laying around in the shop, I saw I might have what I needed to attempt a Manhasset music stand. For those not band geeks, they are the prototypical black sheet metal music stands you see in all the schools and frequently on stage. I own 3 or 4 of them (depending on whether one that has gone walkabout comes back for a visit), 2 of which live at a summer camp year round, and one which I keep with me here. I measured it, translated the measurements to 1/12 scale and went for it.

The results are shown in this pictorial. It is not a tutorial per se, but a series of shots of the stand as it was created. I turned bolts and nuts from baling wire and clothes hanger wire. The rest was made of aluminum duct sheet metal, and some telescoping aluminum tubing purchased for some long ago forgotten R/C project.

When I figure out how to post pix with descriptions in the middle of these musings, I will redo this and the other blog entries. For now though, enjoy the slide show.

Completed parts prior to final assembly.